Thomas Rosenlöcher

Thomas Rosenlöcher is the latest scholarship holder of the Calw-based Hermann-Hesse-Stiftung, and has since been formally welcomed to the town by representatives of both the foundation and the municipality. A winner of many major literary awards, the writer from Dresden will be spending three months in residence at the "Dichterklause" on Calw's Ledereck. Born in 1947, Thomas Rosenlöcher first qualified as a "Handelskaufmann" following the completion of a commercial training programme before going on to study literature at the Johannes-R.-Becher-Institut in Leipzig. Thomas Rosenlöcher, who splits his time between Dresden and Beerwalde near Dresden, has been working as a freelance author since 1983, and was awarded the Hugo Ball-Förderpreis in 1990. In 1991, he won the Märkisches Stipendium für Literatur and the F.-C.-Weiskopf-Preis of the Akademie der Künste zu Berlin together with Bert Papenfuß-Gorek. In 1993, he added the Schubart-Literaturpreis der Stadt Aalen to his list of awards, in 1998 the Kulturpreis der Stadt Vellmar, and in 1999 the Hölderlin-Preis der Stadt Tübingen. The current Hesse scholarship holder was awarded the DG Bank-Werkpreis der LiteraTour Nord in 2000, along with the LiteraTour-Werkpreis and the Kulturpreis Harz of the Regionalverband Harz e.V. The following works by Thomas Rosenlöcher have been published by Suhrkamp Verlag: Die verkauften Pflastersteine - Dresdner Tagebuch ("The Sold Cobblestones - Dresden Diary," 1990), Die Wiederentdeckung des Gehens beim Wandern - Harzreise ("The Rediscovery Of Walking When Hiking - Harz Journey," 1991), Die Dresdner Kunstausübung ("The Dresden Exercise Of Art") - Poems (1996), Ostgezeter - Beiträge zur Schimpfkultur ("Eastern Whingeings - Contributions To The Culture Of Bitching," 1997), Ich sitze in Sachsen und schau in den Schnee - ("I'm Sitting In Saxony And Looking At The Snow") - Poems (1998), Am Wegrand steht Apollo ("Apollo Is Standing At The Wayside") - Poems With Four Drawings By Dieter Glotzsche (2001).