Trond Winje

Prof. Drs. Bernhard Zeller presenting the award.

Jury citation for the 1996 prize Between 1970 and 1988, Trond Winje translated many of Hermann Hesse's major works - Peter Camenzind, Siddhartha, Narziß und Goldmund, Morgenlandfahrt, Glasperlenspiel - into Norwegian. The colleagues and experts on the jury of the Calw Hermann Hesse Translation Prize are unanimous in their assessment that his translations are exceptionally painstaking, well-considered and successful renderings of the original works. Trond Winje has also made a name for himself as an outstanding translator of other works of modern German literature. The jury therefore considered it appropriate to award the prize in appreciation of Winje's major achievement as a translator in general, while expressly commending his meritorious and far-reaching efforts in the translation of Hermann Hesse's works in particular. His translations have played a major role in helping to introduce Hermann Hesse to a wider readership in the Scandinavian countries.