Hesse to his sister Adele

To his sister,Adele, Hesse wrote in 1946:


"The rays of many different worlds crossed in this house. There were prayers and Bible readings, studies of Indian philology, there was lots of good music, and we knew about Buddha and Lao Tsu. Guests came from faraway lands, a whiff of exoticism and distant shores clinging to their clothes, carrying strange suitcases fashioned from leather and bast, and the sound of foreign tongues. It was here that the poor were fed and parties thrown, where the scientific and fairy-tale world lived cheek-by-jowl … It was a world of distinctly German and Protestant character, yet one with perspectives on and relations to the entire world, and it was a complete, secure and healthy world at one with itself … This world was rich and multifarious, yet it was an ordered world, it was quite centred and focused, and it belonged to us the same way that air, sunshine, rain and wind belonged to us."


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