Hans Purrmann

Born in Speyer in 1870, the painter and graphic designer Hans Purrmann completed an apprenticeship as a scene painter and interior decorator, and subsequently studied in Karlsruhe and Munich before setting off for Paris in 1906. He was deeply influenced by the subsequent encounter with Matisse and set up a painting school with the acclaimed French painter. From 1916 to 1935, Purrmann lived and worked alternately in Berlin and Langenargen on Lake Constance. In 1935, he became director of the Florentine Villa Romana in Italy, which he had to leave in 1943. After a brief stay in Castagnola near Lugano, he settled at Casa Camuzzi in Montagnola 1944. In 1952, Hesse wrote the poem Alter Maler in der Werkstatt, which was dedicated to his friend Hans Purrmann. Purrmann died in Basel in 1966.