Albert Welti

Albert Welti Self-Portrait

Albert Welti, born in Zurich in 1962, studied in Munich, and was greatly influenced by Arnold Böcklin before going on to discover his own delightfully whimsical style - one full of fantasy and imagination and displaying a very special attachment to nature. Hesse, who initially had a special admiration for Welti's etchings, got to know the painter through artist friends they both knew in Munich, where Welti lived from 1895 to 1908. In his introduction to a monograph on Welti, Hesse writes in 1917: "Since the moment I saw Mondnacht, Welti has been among the artists that I have lived with (…), whose style has been a yardstick by which I have measured myself and others."
He continues: "The two sources of his mastery were a strong and highly original imagination nurtured from the very depths of his soul, and an old master's striving for form." Hesse and his family took over the painter's house in Berne's Melchenbühlweg following his death in 1912.