Wolfgang Schlüter

A native of Lower Saxony who lives as a freelance author and translator, splitting his time between Ireland and Vienna. After studying in Hamburg. Berlin and Vienna, he gained a PhD in musicology and philosophy. From 1984 to 1993, Wolfgang Schlüter worked as editor of the Arno-Schmidt-Werkausgabe published by Haffmanns Verlag, Zurich. He publishes books and magazine features, writes newspaper and radio essays, and gives lectures, talks and readings. Dr. Schlüter has received scholarships from the state of Berlin, the British Arts Council, and the European Union. In 1986, he was awarded the Blaise Cendrars Prize, in 1997 the Mörike-Förderpreis, and in 1999 the Dedalus-Preis für Neue Literatur of German broadcaster Südwestfunk and the state ministry of arts and culture.


By the Gallows, Seven Steps - Impressions of Calw (Adobe PDF, 79 KB)