Róza Domascyna

Róza Domascyna from Bautzen, a native of Upper Silesia. After qualifying as "Wirtschaftskauffrau" following completion of a business training programme, she worked for eleven years as an engineering economist at the lignite coal mine in Knappenrode. From 1985 to 1989, she studied at the literary institute in Leipzig. Writes in both German and Sorbian/Wendish: poetry, plays, adaptations, essays - and also works as an editor. Was awarded the Förderpreis zum Mörikepreis der Stadt Fellbach (1994), the Förderpreis zum Cisinskipreis of the foundation for the Sorbian people, (1995), the Anne-Seghers-Preis of the Anna-Seghers-Stiftung Berlin and Mainz (1998), the Literaturpreis of the Exil P.E.N. Club (2001). Countless volumes of verse and lyrical prose dominate the publications list of the Hesse scholarship holder. Together with Angela Hampel, she has published three volumes of lyrics and graphics, the children's ecological fairy tale Die Ballonrakete/Balonrakete, which was premiered at the German-Sorbian Volkstheater in 1994, radio plays and features. Róza Domascyna edits the literary almanac Wuhladko, which publishes Wendish adaptations and translations of contemporary literature from a variety of different languages; she is also a reviewer and contributor to anthologies.


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