Painter Friends

Painter friends:

Hermann Hesse and

Gunter Böhmer,

© Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin

While still working as an assistant bookseller in Basel, Hesse writes, "There is no lack of contact to artists and art lovers," and he later felt a very special bond - often manifesting itself in lifelong friendships - to painters and other artists. They served as a source of inspiration for his own work, were welcome discussion partners, and also painting and travelling companions. Hesse, for his part, supported them with sensitively written pieces about their work that were published in magazines, catalogues, and monographs.


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Cuno Amiet, Gunter Böhmer, Otto Blümel, Max Bucherer, Olaf Gulbransson, Louis Moilliet, Ernst Morgenthaler, Hans Purrmann, Hans Sturzenegger, Peter Weiss, Albert Welti, Fritz Widmann