Heiner Hesse

Hermann Hesse with his son Heiner and grandson Silver.

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Hesse's second son, Hans Heinrich (Heiner) Hesse, came into this world on March 1, 1909 in Basel. He, too, spent the first years of his life in Gaienhofen on Lake Constance, where Hermann Hesse had settled with his wife Mia. In 1918, when the parents split up, Heiner was initially put in a home before being placed in child care in the Black Forest and, finally, in a Swiss "Landerziehungsheim." He was allowed to visit his father, who was now living in Montagnola, two or three times a year. After completing his Abitur, Heiner attended a college of arts and crafts and completed an apprenticeship as a window-dresser. Since 1996, he has been the executor of his father's literary estate. Heiner Hesse now lives in Arcegno on Lake Maggiore. The last surviving son of Hesse was married twice and has four children.


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